Love, trust and nakedness

As a we, we are relatively new.

We met in Lisbon in October 2017 at a training focused on personal growth and empowerment, and by the end of the year we had realised we wanted to be together. It began as a very beautiful and intense love story; within just 10 days we had already shared our deepest and darkest secrets, our most vulnerable fears, and what we hoped and dreamed for our future lives. On day 6, we shared a Design Thinking plan we both made individually (before getting together) for the next 5 years for ourselves, and funnily, our stories matched beautifully - and included each other. At the time, Maria was living in Madrid and Sascha in Munich, and on day 7, the decision to move to Berlin together by the summer of 2018 was confirmed. By that afternoon, the idea for karpouzi was born. 
A lot happened since then. It has been an intense and beautiful process of getting to know each other on the deepest level. Unconditional love and trust playing part in the everyday. Individually facilitating events and trainings in Europe. Traveling the world. Becoming 200 RYT Embodied Flow® Yoga Teachers together, our souls are on a journey. 

Now, we are living out our vision to host people, create a community and be naked which each other - in the metaphorical sense. We want to inspire others with our story and share our learnings and understandings of what we have and are creating together day by day, using different self-empowerment techniques we have learnt along the way. We are looking forward to meet you. The real you! Come and join us.

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We are one and we are two. 

We love to hang around with each other (and we actually do a lot) but we also know the importance of having time to ourselves to invest in the things we personally love and make us unique. Below we share our individual stories and the personal motivations we have behind co-creating karpouzi. We hope this gives you an even better insight into the space we wish to create together with you. 

Why karpouzi?

"I like to give something back. I like to inspire and be inspired by awesome people, by people who are on their way to grow. I like to create a loving environment. An environment where people feel at home as they are. For me it’s part of my spiritual path, growing together with an open mind. " - Sascha

A little about Sascha:

Sascha's journey until now has been a pretty unique and diverse one. Going from banking to research to marketing, and finally concluding as part of the core team building up a social business for the last 2 years, Sascha was keen to gain experience within different international industries to be sure he was on the right path. Within each different industry, it was always the relationships with and in-between the people that he was drawn to, and realising his ability and passion to empower people to reach their full potential. He received his first coaching certification quite some years ago and began training students to become mentors for a while, but it wasn't until March this year that he took the step of becoming a self-employed business coach and trainer. Passionate about helping people bring out the best in themselves, Sascha has the ability to make one feel at 'home' - both in a work setting, a personal setting, and also allowing the people he works with to feel that for themselves. He is a yoga teacher, NLP master, and in his spare time you can find him enjoying books by Alan Watts on the philosophy of life.

"To share the love. To inspire people and have a positive impact on the world. To do something that helps people feel more fulfilled and more full of love. To connect with awesome people and create a community full of love, support and inspiration. To feel good and to share this feeling with as many people as possible." - Maria

A little about Maria:

Community builder, mentor, facilitator & self-confessed people geek. Maria has been building communities in Europe for the last 5 years, with a crazy passion for people and understanding them on a deeper level - what really makes them special and unique. She is used to working with high volumes of people on an interactive basis, but thrives when she has the chance to work with smaller intimate groups and really get to know each individual. Over the last year she took the time to go very deep into her own personal development, became a Yoga Teacher and an NLP practitioner, started mentoring high school girls as part of the global women's mentoring program Girlz, FTW, took part and completed online courses in coaching and psychology, moved from Madrid to Berlin, and realised that again and again her passions lead her to listen to the feeling in her heart to be doing something that is helping to improve the human experience and allowing people to lead more fulfilled and happier lives.